Founded in 1921 as company for industrial furnaces, BERG early specialized in the production of furnaces and plants for the galvanizing industry.

BERG galvanizing furnaces and plants are in operation in more than 50 countries all over the world. BERG runs two own galvanizing plants, in which the essential know-how in the field of plant construction and operation is continuously improved. The plant erected in Romania in 2003 was certified in the meantime according to ISO 2001. BERG designs and constructs complete galvanizing plants for:

piece goods, pipes, malleable cast iron fittings, high temperature galvanizing, centrifugal galvanizing and galvanizing for special requirements

You find the BERG know-how in every individual part of the plant. That means that BERG has special solutions for individual areas of the galvanizing plants:

pickling plants, pickling baths, degreasing baths-heating, fluxing agent bath-heating, acid treatment, flux regeneration, neutralization, pickling housing with pickling steam absorption, drying plants, galvanizing furnaces with normal and high temperatures, mecanical galvanizing equipment, complete and partial automation, zinc steam suction and filter plants, plants to recover zinc from zinc dross and zinc ash mills.

Our technical team will be at your disposal for any kind of advice required for the construction of new plants or modernizing of existing plants and plant components. Don’t hesitate to contact us.